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Why Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

YOU GOT ENGAGED! Now what? You have a whole wedding to plan, and depending upon the date you choose, it can happen as quickly or as slowly as it needs to. So, the question is: why do you need a wedding planner? Well, the short answer is because you don't know what you don't know. You will find out that planning a wedding is nothing less than a full-time job. Aside from that, you can start feeling very overwhelmed by all the details, not knowing where to turn, and what to do next. It can be all-consuming with its meetings, contract negotiations, deadlines, decisions, information overload, and countless ideas. All day. Every day. Until the big day.

image: WilkinStep Photography
image: WilkinStep Photography

Here are 10 big reasons that a Wedding Planner should be one of your first vendors to seek out:

1. Your planner is the best resource for locating vendors who will bring your vision to life. They network and know the vendor community and can steer you toward reputable vendors. They review vendor contracts, help negotiate pricing, and know the questions to ask up front, such as: Does this price include set up/tear down? Because nothing is worse than a vendor who shows up at the event to drop off and then leaves your family/friends scrambling to set up on time. Or, does this caterer supply ice? We need ice, so if not, where can we get it? Those are the details that can be missed by someone who may think those items are automatically included in the contract.

Image: WilkinStep Photography

2. Planners take care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on the fun stuff. (big exhale!) There are so many details when planning a wedding. You can decide how hands-on or hands-off you will be. If you are DIY, your Planner can help to create and become the extra set of hands you didn't know you needed. If you are a very busy professional, your Planner can take you vision, synthesize the information, present the options on which you make the final decision, and then they execute to make it happen.

3. Having a Planner allows you to have a life outside of planning your wedding. You and your fiance' can enjoy this time together without being uber-consumed with getting it all done. You can leisurely build the guest list, try on your wedding day attire, have a spa day, or go to cake tastings together; all without the frenzy of the many other things that need to happen to pull it all together.

4. Recent reports show the average amount of time it takes to plan a wedding is 200 hours, so your Planner will save you time, preventing moments of anxiety and feeling exhausted. You can focus on your day job or social life without having to call 5 million people (exaggerated for effect) to discuss wedding-related business.

5. Your Planner will keep the event running smoothly behind the scenes, handle any issues that may come up, keep your vendors on target and the event timeline on track. They typically bring an emergency essentials kit which has things you never knew might be needed - from nursing minor wounds and snagged pantyhose, to helping with stains and wardrobe malfunctions, thereby taking care of you and all your guests.

Image: Sunshine & Sweet T - BTS published styled shoot

6. Planners ensure that the set up and cleanup of your venue happens which saves your family and close friends from having to work, allowing them to actually be GUESTS at your wedding. This keeps the focus of their experience enjoyable without remembering sweating in their suits from setting up chairs.

7. A pillar of support! Who better to communicate, negotiate, inform, present, host, nurse, orchestrate, create, manage, demand, compliment, and exude all things wedding than your Planner? When you have a moment of feeling overwhelmed or nervous, your Planner is there to listen, guide, and talk you out of eating the whole gallon of ice cream - whatever you need.

8. As your event manager, they become the 'go to person' for answering all questions and handling all mishaps, instead of everyone coming to you. It will be a very long day. You will have enough going on visiting with your guests, enjoying your day and taking care of yourself - like remembering to eat.

9. You cannot repeat this day. This one perfect day. So, having a Planner is essentially an extension of you - someone to run your event as you would, be in harmony with your vision, and manage all the details within your event's timeline. That way you can relax and remember this day as one of the best days of your life, not the most stressful one.

10. You need a Wedding Planner because you should be


In love and logistics,

Jamie and Teresa, Executive Directors

Sunshine & Sweet T

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